Claire Cieri, HIPAA Consultants in Oregon, Meaningful Use Consultants, OregonWe teach how to promote a culture of compliance and ethical decision making for both the good of company morale and as a sound investment in your clinic’s reputation; as an employer and a responsible member of the healthcare community.

How to comply and thrive

Industrywide, compliance ultimately prevents fraud and abuse as well as billing and payment errors. Further, it promotes efficiency, high-quality care, and an ethical culture that fosters public confidence. The risks associated with failing to create a culture of compliance and the costs of noncompliance are both significant. Looking forward, the benefits of promoting compliance-and the costs of noncompliance- will grow as beneficiary populations and healthcare costs increase. A successful compliance program addresses the public and private sectors’ mutual goals of reducing fraud and abuse, enhancing healthcare providers’ operations, improving the quality of healthcare services, and reducing the overall cost of healthcare services.

With the increase in regulatory audits and fines that the healthcare industry is facing, its imperative that organizations be proactive in compliance and revenue practices We can help maintain a high level of compliance and efficiency with our systematic approach.

Mardac Healthcare provides comprehensive support to independent clinics of all medical disciplines. From family practice, dermatology, dentistry, etc. We work closely with our clients to achieve organizational compliance and develop efficient business practices. We provide a cost-efficient solution to your business which is designed to improve productivity and quality of your business as well as cash flow to the bottom line.

Claire Cieri, HIPAA Consulting in Oregon, Healthcare ConsultantOur services are available on a regular or as needed basis.


  • Integrated Medical Compliance Program Development
  • Auditing all areas of the practice including OSHA
  • HIPAA & HITECH consulting, auditing & compliance
  • Training: Medical providers, coders, & billers
  • Incentive Programs
  • Data breaches
  • Navigating the changing environment in healthcare
  • Development of best practices
  • Healthcare Consulting


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