About Us


MARDAC provides the consulting support your company needs for optimization of your human resources. Our skillset is adaptable to meet the needs of companies with two employees in one office or fifteen hundred employees distributed across multiple locations. We will help you make your business faster and stronger by making the most of your greatest asset – people.

Our workshops/presentations cover the traditional and customized application of basics that insure the development of Career and Personal Effectiveness Skills. They are unique in that they provide participants with innovative processes of experimental training and exercises that become meaningful learning experiences. MARDAC’s training gives participants dynamic and practical tools to enhance and improve their on-the-job skills. Sessions are custom designed to meet an organization’s specific needs.


Mike Cieri


Mike Cieri, MSIR, has been in the Human Resources Management Field for over 20 years. During this time he has held a variety of management positions, including several years on the executive management team of a large corporation as both Vice President of Human Resources and Safety and as Vice President of Operations. His areas of expertise include legal compliance, workers’ compensation, leadership development, performance management, coaching, training and development, strategic planning and developing best practices.

Mike has a Masters Degree in Industrial Relations & Human Resources from the University of Oregon. He has a coaching certificate from The Coaches Training Institute, San Rafael, California and a Practitioner’s Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming from the NLP Institute of Oregon. Mike is also an adjunct professor at Oregon State University , College of Business and a frequent speaker at business and educational events nationally.